At EMF we take our responsibility to the environment, both natural and community seriously. We acknowledge that environmental management is a global issue of which we are a part and will abide by our below Environmental Policy at all times.

EMF Group regards care and responsible management of the environment and heritage aspects as an important global issue and will conduct its business accordingly with full consideration to the following environmental objectives:

  • Adopt, implement and develop environmental management principles and practices in all business activities in accordance with relevant legislation, AS/NZS ISO14001 and industry best practice.
  • Minimise the effect of pollution, damage to the environment and any potential impact on the community as far as is practicable;
  • Continuously improve environmental management practices;
    Provide staff training and information to improve awareness and knowledge of environmental issues;
  • Allocate responsibilities and adequate resources to implement environmental initiatives;
  • Apply waste minimisation and recycling principles to business operations;
  • Apply management systems requiring contractors to comply with the objectives of the company environmental policy;
  • Assess environmental impacts and continually improve environmental care and management performance.

This policy applies to all activities undertaken by EMF Group.