Fabrication Services

Quality Fabrication work is essential to all plant operations. We have skilled, highly trained fabricators available to complete works on or off-site depending on your needs.

Switchboard Manufacture

We’re proud to manufacture high quality stainless steel switchboards, designed to withstand tough, highly corrosive, mining and industrial conditions. Our electrical and fabrication department can work together to tailor to your individual switchboard and electrical setup needs.

Onsite welding and fabrication

Need repairs insitu? We can provide, welders, fabricators and fire spotters trained to the highest standards for your onsite welding and minor fabriaction needs.

Offsite Welding and fabrication

For the larger jobs, our inhouse welding and fabrication service may be the more appropriate answer. We have a comprehensive fabrication service able to facilitate repairs to a wide range of mobile plant, and to manufacture custom parts, brackets and equipment to your specifications.

Structural Steel

Portable steps, shelving, tooling rigs and jigs – we can fabricate structural requirements to your engineer’s specifications, or if you prefer, we can help you design the solution, have it drafted up, certified and fabricate it in house.


Keep your pipelines running smoothly. We can fabricate new or repair your existing piping structure to your specifications. We have welders and fabricators skilled at working across a wide range of metals.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Popular for it’s anti corrosive qualities, stainless steel is much more difficult to weld and shape than mild steel; we have the trained profesionals to fabricate your needs in stainless steel.

Aluminium Fabrication

We have the equipment and the skill to produce covers, plates, sheilds and anything else you may need fabricated in aluminium. If you need something strong, protective and extrememly lightweight, get in touch to talk about aluminium designs.