Health and Safety

Health and safety at work effects all areas of a person’s life; it’s our goal to ensure we have a constructive effect on the health and safety of all of our employees. Effective implementation of Zero Harm practices are borne out of a positive workplace culture, which we strive to achieve at EMF. Our Health and Safety Policy creates the structure by which we make our HSE decisions.

EMF Group pursue excellence in workplace health and safety performance across all areas of its business.

Management unconditionally accepts its responsibility for the effective implementation of this policy and will provide systems, training, supervision and visible support to ensure a safe work environment and continually improve our OH&S performance by setting and achieving measurable objectives and targets. We are committed to complying with all relevant OH&S legislation and aligning our management system with AS/NZS 4801, in order to eliminate work related injury and illness.

All staff and contractors shall be empowered with the right to refuse to work in an unsafe manner, an unsafe area or with unsafe equipment and have the right of redress with management should issues raised not be addressed expeditiously.

EMF Group shall;

  • Give health and safety prevailing status over other business objectives;
  • Assess workplace health and safety risks in all stages of planning, design, construction, operations and provide substitutes for identified hazardous products;
  • Commit required resources for the effective development and implementation of workplace health and safety management systems in all areas of operations in accordance with relevant OH&S legislation to become the industry benchmark;
  • Involve all staff and contractors in the consultation process for the development, implementation and review of all OH&S matters within the company;
  • Ensure all staff and contractors are skilled and informed to carry out assigned work in a manner that is not detrimental to their health and safety;
  • Implement an educational and behavioural program to enhance skills and develop a culture of safety and health awareness within our workforce;
  • Audit and evaluate safety management systems and programs to collectively improve our performance and investigate, correct and report health and safety incidents;
  • Provide an effective employee focused system of injury management and rehabilitation;
  • Engage on proven and competent sub-contractors who have the ability and clearly demonstrate a safety management system that complies with or exceeds our uncompromising internal standards;
  • All staff and contractors shall accept responsibility for health and safety for the tasks they are carrying out and the personnel under their control.

This policy applies to all activities undertaken by EMF Group.